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Bitcoin is one big blessing…Everytime when it goes down , Feels like ship is always coming back to pick us up to the land of fortune ❤️ (Reddit Bitcoin)

Life is hard for all of us … Most of us just want to get out of the rat race so that we can pursue a life worth living … Just to stop s#cking up to people to achieve trivial things that doesn’t even matter in the big picture. We all know everything is skewed to a point, there is high availability of oppressed ones to serve the elite. That being said , when big sharks enters the water , it’s a given the water level rises , the playing field will be heavily controlled to the point suffocating the tiny ones. After a while , people don’t find it safe to swim in shark infested water. Does anyone know if there is a way the BTC could slither away from such suppressions . Is there something in the white paper or Satoshi notes that prevents such takeover 💀🫶🏽

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