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BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s Cryptic Spot XRP ETF Comment Sparks Speculation From Ripple’s XRP Army (Zycrypto)

XRP Army Sees Bullish Prospects As Ripple Starts EVM Compatibility Tests On Its XRPL Sidechain

The XRP army and community find themselves in a fervour following a recent Fox Business interview where BlackRock CEO Larry Fink dropped a cryptic comment regarding the possibility of a spot XRP Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF).

Fink’s elusive response to an inquiry about an XRP ETF, stating, “I can’t talk about that!” has become the focal point of intense speculation within the XRP community. The excitement is palpable as investors and analysts now dissect Fink’s words, attempting to discover any potential hints about BlackRock’s involvement with the renowned digital asset XRP.

During the interview, FOX Business correspondent Charles Gasparino highlighted Fink’s limited awareness of XRP while acknowledging a growing fluency in Ethereum.

Something to keep in mind about my question to Larry Fink about starting an $XRP ETF and his non comital answer; Larry barely knows that $XRP exists as a crypto currency. He’s just a little more fluent in $ETH‘s status in the crypto ecosystem. That might soon change, but dont…

— Charles Gasparino (@CGasparino)

BlackRock CEO Fink Highlights Growing Legitimacy in Crypto

Fink has undergone a shift in his perspective on cryptocurrencies. While talking to Fox Business, he recalled his journey from viewing Bitcoin sceptically to recognizing its potential as “digital gold.” He emphasized Bitcoin’s role as a safe haven asset in politically or economically unstable countries.

Fink initially expressed reservations about Bitcoin’s association with illicit activities but now acknowledges its increasing legitimacy. He pointed out the presence of bad actors in the crypto space but noted the sector’s growing legitimacy. Fink sees the introduction of the spot Bitcoin ETF as a significant step toward legitimizing and securing the cryptocurrency market.

The recent approval of spot Bitcoin spot ETFs by the SEC has set the stage for potential ETFs for other cryptocurrencies. Steve McClurg, co-founder of Valkyrie Funds, expressed optimism about the possibility of Ethereum and XRP ETFs following Bitcoin’s approval.

This sentiment aligns with market movements, such as Grayscale’s inclusion of XRP in their traded trusts, indicating a growing interest in diverse crypto investment products.

Excitement Building Up Within the Larger Crypto Industry

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse celebrated the SEC’s approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs, considering it a pivotal milestone in legitimizing cryptocurrencies as a mainstream asset class. The XRP community remains attentive to any developments or hints regarding the potential for an XRP ETF, reflecting the ongoing evolution of major financial players’ attitudes toward digital currencies.

The year 2024 has kicked off with exciting news as the SEC approved a spot Bitcoin ETF. This is the first time such funds, which track the value of Bitcoin, have been allowed in the United States. It’s a significant moment for the world’s biggest cryptocurrency and the broader crypto industry. As the year unfolds, we’re eager to see what other developments will shape the future of this emerging industry.

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