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Enjoy, soak it up, bathe in all the post ETF launch pessimism. We are headed for great things my fellow HODLers! (Reddit Bitcoin)

For those who have been, or those new and plan on holding fear not. As more information comes out as to how ETFs work (T+1 and T+2 Cash Orders, etc.) people will realize that a moonshot 1 day after the launch of the ETFs was foolish. I fell for it. That’s okay, we all like to see price run ups. I know I do.

In time as we become educated on these matters it will become clear that demand for the baseline asset bitcoin will keep increasing. At the same time it will become more scarce. I saw a graph that shows Blackrock alone (1 day) had purchased 11,500 btc). 1 DAY 1 ETF. At the same time 4 billion dollars in short term holders sold. If you look at the accumulation and the run up in price since the grayscale sec court decision people were ready to take profits. Sell the news or fucking whatever the new buzz phrase people are using. Good for them. Even with that btc price is still in the +40k. Does it go lower, who knows.

Now, new holders of ETF shares won’t be monolithic. Some will hold and some will sell depending on their own personal goals and life experiences. We will see volatility- duh, what’s new. Yes there will be pullbacks, and maybe the money from the ETFs makes them more extreme – who really knows. I don’t.

I’m older and somewhat new to the game. Yea, I bought some in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023. Like “the Dude” in the Big Labowski said “strikes and gutters man.” I could’ve took profits but I held. Foolish? That’s for me to decide. The more I learn the more I realize how much I don’t know, thank God. Over the last week I’ve had to educate myself on otc, flows, volumes, active participants etc. I still don’t understand it fully but 30,000 ft. view it does make some sense as to what has happened over the last couple of days. And it’s made me more bullish.

I think this sub is made up of a large group of younger 20-40 year olds. I’ve never been more excited for a group of people ever. Keep doing the deal and what makes sense for you – YOU. Don’t stop. Look at price drops as opportunities and not bad news. ZOOM OUT when you have doubts. And when pessimism is at its worst just know you are on the right path. “Time is the great thickener of things”

Onward and upward my friends.

God bless

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