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Ethereum vs. Celestia: Cost and Data Battle; Noteworthy AI Altcoin Earns Recognition in Key Circles (crypto-news-flash)

Top five cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) are expected to enjoy substantial growth in 2024 as bullish attitudes toward Bitcoin (BTC) carry over into other crypto projects. ETH prices broke the $2,400 resistance level earlier in the year after enjoying over 70% growth in 2023.

While Ethereum finished 2023 in the green, its growth wasn’t much compared to Celestia’s 624% growth. The project is for anyone wondering how to start a cryptocurrency as its modular blockchain makes it possible for anyone to launch one.

InQubeta (QUBE) is an Ethereum-deployed investment ecosystem that plans to make artificial intelligence more accessible for regular investors who might not meet the requirements of many traditional channels. 

Analysts proclaim InQubeta (QUBE) the best ICO to invest in

InQubeta could emerge as one of the best DeFi cryptos around as it connects investors with AI startups. Mainstream investment firms are well known for their selective requirements that often block many people from using their services like geographic and income requirements. 

A huge fraction of the world’s population don’t even have access to banking services. The World Bank states over 1.4 billion people are currently unbanked, but InQubeta now gives them access to AI investment opportunities. 

The solutions InQubeta provides position the project for considerable growth in the coming years. Tokens now sell for $0.0224 during the presale’s seventh stage, but they might be worth more than a few dollars in a couple of years as the project expands its market capitalization.

AI is on course to reshape how many industries function and it will also create rare investment opportunities that could bring investors exponential returns. It’s a lot like investing in companies like Amazon in the late 90s as the internet revolution progressed. 

Here’s how investing works in the ecosystem:

  • AI startups can get the capital they need by making ERC20 coins that signify investment opportunities
  • Fractionalization is used to break these non-fungible tokens into smaller, more affordable portions to suit every investor’s budget
  • Investors acquire QUBE with fiat or their cryptocurrency holdings and use it to invest in startups they find interesting by buying their ERC20 coins 

There’s lots of liquidity in the InQubeta ecosystem and investors are never stuck with their tokens. They can resell ERC20 coins on the NFT marketplace whenever they choose. Investors can also invest in InQubeta’s future by accumulating QUBE and holding on to their bags long-term. Holders also get a say in the network’s governance. 

Ethereum vs. Celestia: Which crypto to buy?

Anyone who buys up ETH or Celestia right now will likely enjoy substantial profits, but who will make the most?

Celestia investors appear to have the advantage given how easy it makes the process of launching a blockchain. Lots of programming knowledge is required to deploy blockchains like InQubeta on the Ethereum network, but that isn’t the case with Celestia. 

Celestia prices surged 624% in 2023 and it could grow considerably more this year as it continues to attract new users to its ecosystem. Its blockchain outperforms the Ethereum network regarding transaction volumes that can be processed with lower fees. 

Celestia recently partnered with Polygon Labs (MATIC) to integrate Polygon’s Chain Development Kit with its data availability layer. The partnership intends to advance the capabilities of Layer 2 projects that are part of Polygon 2.0. 


QUBE, TIA, and ETH are top crypto coins to invest in right now. QUBE is projected to enjoy as much as 100x gains this year, while TIA prices could grow 10x. ETH comes last as even its most optimistic predictions don’t have prices surging more than 4x. 

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