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Islamic Coin: Revolutionizing finance with blockchain for the global muslim community (AMBCrypto)

Islamic Coin, the native currency of the HAQQ Network, marks a significant leap in financial technology. As it goes live on LBank, it brings a new wave of financial inclusion and Shariah-compliant DeFi opportunities to over 2 billion Muslims worldwide. 

Bridging Traditional Islamic Finance and Modern Technology

Islamic Coin is more than just a digital currency; it’s the cornerstone of an ethics-first Proof-of-Stake blockchain network – HAQQ. This revolutionary platform is dedicated to integrating the vast Muslim population into the digital finance realm, respecting their values and faith. Islamic Coin stands at the forefront of this integration, seamlessly bridging the gap between traditional Islamic financial principles and cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Future-Proofing Ethical Finance

In a world where the ethical dimensions of finance are increasingly scrutinized, Islamic Coin leads the charge in future-proofing the ethical DeFi sector. Through blockchain, it offers a transparent, efficient, and Shariah-compliant financial ecosystem. This initiative not only caters to the Muslim community but also appeals to anyone interested in ethical finance.

Strategic Partnerships: Expanding Horizons

Islamic Coin’s journey has been marked by significant partnerships, enhancing its reach and utility:

  • HAQQ x GoMeat: This collaboration enhances the distribution of halal meat in the USA, integrating blockchain for better accessibility and variety.
  • Islamic Coin x DDCAP: A partnership that showcases the versatility of Islamic Coin in diverse sectors.
  • HAQQ x Axelar: Focusing on cross-chain transfers, this alliance broadens the scope of Islamic Coin’s usability across different blockchain networks.

Milestones: A Year of Achievements

Over the past 12 months, Islamic Coin has achieved remarkable milestones:

  1. Successful public token sale on Republic.
  2. Strategic partnerships with key players like Axelar and Sushi.
  3. Investment in over 10 startups through a $40 million Ecosystem Fund.
  4. Initiating HaqqPad to accelerate startup growth.

The Road Ahead: Plans for the Next 12 Months

The future for HAQQ and Islamic Coin is filled with ambitious plans:

  1. Transitioning the network from Proof of Authority to Proof of Stake.
  2. Implementing mnemonic-less private key management.
  3. Launching Islamic Coin on major crypto exchanges and integrating it into the MENA region’s payment systems.
  4. Introducing innovative features like the Shariah Oracle and NFT support.

Conclusion: Embracing a Financially Inclusive Future

As Islamic Coin launches on LBank, it’s not just a milestone for HAQQ Network but a beacon of hope for financial inclusivity and ethical finance. With its unique approach to blending faith-based principles with modern technology, Islamic Coin is not just a cryptocurrency; it’s a movement towards a more equitable and inclusive financial future.

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About ISLM (IslamicCoin)

Islamic Coin (ISLM) is the native currency of HAQQ, an ethics-first L1 blockchain that brings together sustainability-centered developers, validators, open-source contributors, and Muslim innovators in sustainable finance. With 10% of each issuance of ISLM automatically dedicated to the Evergreen DAO, a non-profit endowment, ISLM is bringing lasting impact and value to the Muslim community.

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