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Round 2 of Mollars ICO for the “New Bitcoin of the Ethereum Blockchain” Sells Out in 24 Hours (Zycrypto)

Round 2 of Mollars ICO for the New Bitcoin of the Ethereum Blockchain Sells Out in 24 Hours

The Mollars ($MOLLARS) token presale continues forward, breaking new records daily for transaction amounts and total tokens sold. The “Bitcoin killer” or “$BTC of the Ethereum Network,” as Crypto Potato called it, completed its 2nd round of the Initial Coin Offering [ICO] today in record time. Also, the number of big crypto holders increased tremendously, resetting the record for a single buy. Now that the 3rd round of the ICO has begun and tokens are selling for 0.45 cents, late users may be seeing their last time ever to accumulate the token under the price of half a dollar (50 cents).

Smart money crypto holders have been loading up on Mollars tokens at the presale costs of $0.30 and $0.45 all week. The last 48 hours, however, saw a tremendous explosion, as predicted by crypto website analysts after word circulated that Mollars saves Dollars for those looking to buy Bitcoins by offering a store-of-value like the $BTC but with the lesser fees of Ethereum-blockchain.

However, not even the analysts could have predicted how much of a parabolic burst the ICO would have experienced yesterday, January 10th. Over 133 tokens were purchased by crypto investors per second throughout the entire 24 hours of Wednesday.

The end result of the great activity, of course, was ‘round 2’ of the Mollars ICO closing. The ERC-20 token presale is in its 3rd phase, and token prices have increased by 5 cents. And while 5 cents is a rise in costs, it’s still far from being seen as a risk, judging by additional analyst reports and predictions on ROI Yields.

The $MOLLARS token’s first predictions can now be considered factual. The ICO sales exploded, and it does not appear the presale will last until its May 2024 deadline. Instead, it’s likely to close by reaching the hard cap and selling out the full token supply allocated for the Initial Coin Offering.

Only 4-million tokens will be sold at early, discounted rates.  That’s 40% of the total token supply to be minted, 10-Million $MOLLARS.

According to the whitepaper, Mollars will launch on a public crypto exchange [CEX/DEX] after the ICO closes. It will be listed on exchanges at a price of $ 0.62 cents. This would likely yield initial proceeds to current holders of up to $0.17 to $0.32 (cents) per token, depending on which round of the ICO the tokens were purchased. These earnings are between a +38% to +106.7% ROI yield.

In comparison, commodities like the precious metal Gold yielded less than +20% to investors for the entire 2024 year.

Those crypto exchange listing days’ instant yields are not likely the ‘big picture’ for the Mollars core of investors. It’s the short and long-term ROI yields after the token’s been listed on a major crypto exchange for a relative period, that Whales and Sharks are expected to hold these Bitcoin alternative tokens for.

These smart digital money will probably wait for the other predictions to come true. Analysts think the demand for $MOLLARS tokens is signalling a parabolic uptrend in value throughout the next few years.   

Due to high demand and low token supply, alongside the nature of the coin being a solution to Bitcoin trading fees, whole tokens could disappear before 2025. If that happens, the brand value should be at an all-time high, mirroring demand.

As users begin to trade tokens in fractions (pieces), the owners of whole coins could see their portfolio skyrocket by +10,000% or more before the end of 2025. At a 100x in value, such an ROI yield would make any buyer of a whole token before $1 a big-time winner.

And the long-term prediction from analysts is even more shocking — at least to people who’ve not watched crypto brands like Shiba Inu (SHIB), Pepe (PEPE), Dogecoin (DOGE), Solana (SOL), Ethereum (ETH), moon shooting throughout the last decade. 

If transaction activity and demand after being listed on a crypto exchange [DEX or CEX] mirror what’s going on with ICO transaction history, it could go into a hyper-parabolic uptrend in the next few years. If the ‘wildcard prediction’ of the token follows the rival Bitcoin’s growth from its debut, it could see up to +9,500,000% ROI yields.

Bitcoin yielded even more to bitcoiners. ROI Yields on the $BTC from its 2011 prices have topped +20,000,000% in the last decade.

It’s also possible that Mollars could outperform Bitcoin if massive adoption takes place. It will have a more limited supply than Bitcoin. Only 10 million $MOLLARS will be minted ever, compared to 21 million BTC. That scarcity and a push of branding to solidify the name in the crypto community could see token value surges that are not yet calculable.

Being a solution to Bitcoin trading’s massive fees and saving traders money is powerful. Everyone likes to save money, and the Ethereum-Blockchain has 250 million users that could potentially save money at any time they want a Store-of-Value token.

Other key features of the Mollars cryptocurrency that are important are that it’s decentralized, has no owner, and will have professional infrastructure.

The creator of the Mollars token, like Satoshi, who made Bitcoin, remains anonymous for eternity. The token’s being created to solve a problem and will be released to the public in its entirety.  All 10-million $MOLLARS tokens minted will be sold, and owners will hold 0% nor those developing its overall infrastructure.

A web3 product will be developed to launch in conjunction with the token’s public trading debut on crypto exchanges. This development will not be revealed early but will be a catalyst for $MOLLARS development. The web3 dAPP will require Mollars tokens for transactions to take place.

A professional marketing team will be hired to push the Mollars brand on public exchanges for months after its launch to boost branding value. The marketers’ quest will be structured before its CEX/DEX debut and driven autonomously after the creator fades away.

The 4 million ICO tokens being sold will help fund all of the above, according to the whitepaper of Mollars. These sales should total around US$2MM, but at least $ 1 million dollars will be exclusive to the locked liquidity pool. That liquid cash reserves will ensure the token has stability on the crypto exchange and all traders can sell tokens without problems.

To the hour, the Mollars Initial Coin Offering has secured over $200k. Round 3 of the ICO will close after 700,000 more tokens have been sold.

Visit to buy tokens and view the latest presale activity. If the 3rd round sells out in less than 3 days, it’s highly probable this initial coin offering will close before January 2024’s end.

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