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situation: currently unemployed , Sell my BTC to pay off car and credit card or just wait? (Reddit Bitcoin)

Should I sell my BTC to completely pay off my car and credit card? Or should I just pay the monthly payments for the car and credit card?

My fear is if I don’t sell and btc goes down 50%+ I’ll be pissed bc I could’ve just paid off both my car and credit card completely, but there’s also the other side: what if BTC moons and rallies out of nowhere and I already sold it? I could’ve paid off my bills completely and still be in plenty of profit, tough choice.

All combined I owe $27,000 for my car and credit cards. I have a full bitcoin, is it smart to just pay it off monthly and just hodl bitcoin til it’s worth more?

I’m very hesitant at the same time bc i know BTC is valuable but I also want to just have things paid for so I don’t worry about it. Opinions are welcome!

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