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The way we see the value of one entire city block full of skyscrapers today is how people in 2050 will view one whole bitcoin. (Reddit Bitcoin)

People say bitcoin cant be worth this much or that much, one bitcoin surely could never be worth 1 million or 10 million.

You can not measure the value of a new system using the old system. You can not measure the value of electricity using candles. Meaning you can not measure the value of bitcoin using fiat.

People have no idea how humans will view one bitcoin in the future. In 2050 humans will have a percieved notion of bitcoin being as substanial in value as an entire city block full of skyscrapers. One bitcoin will be seen as mammoth. Having one full bitcoin wont even be in the realm of possibility for individuals, only multinational corporations will own entire bitcoins.

Now bring on all the comments saying this is all impossible hyperbole so everyone can see just how early we are still.

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