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VeFam Reveals Price Targets: VeChain Towards New Record Highs? (crypto-news-flash)


  • VeChain (VET) faces challenges in overcoming resistance at $0.03870, while VeFam projects bold targets of $3 .
  • VeChain’s roller coaster ride, with notable gains and declines in January, reflects the inherent volatility of the crypto market.

VeChain has experienced significant fluctuations, similar to other cryptocurrencies, in recent months. During the period from September 2023 to December 2023, the token experienced an outstanding surge, rising from $0.01576 to its current value of $0.03279. The succession of four consecutive months of gains generated euphoric sentiment among investors.

VET_1M_graph_coinmarketcapCurrent: $0.03279; Consecutive gains generated enthusiasm among investors. Via CoinmarketCap

However, this enthusiasm faced challenges as the new year began. Despite the overall uptrend in the cryptocurrency market, VeChain experienced a 4.43% decline since January 1, 2024. This drop does not match the performance of other prominent cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), which have maintained their winning streaks

The particularity of  VeChain’s position is linked to its solid resistance level at $0.038. As of Boxing Day, Dec. 26, 2023, the token has faced obstacles in its upward trajectory, experiencing notable declines, such as the 8.29% decline on Jan. 3.

VETUSDT_2024-01-12_12-28-08Chart of VeChain indicating the price range of resistance and support. Via Tradingview

Facing these challenges, VeChain demonstrated strength by testing $0.02700 support on January 8, kicking off a recovery. A 21% rise from that low has allowed VeChain to capitalize on the uptrend, fueled by the expectation of the approval of the BTC spot ETF.

VeFam and High Expectations

Amid this backdrop, the VeFam community has positive visions for VeChain. The community crypto account set ambitious targets: $0.5 in a downside scenario, $1 in a neutral scenario and $3 in a bullish scenario.

My prediction for $VET peak price during 2024-2025:

Bear case: $0.5
Base case: $1
Bull case: $3+

Save it.



— VeFam ⓥ (@VeChainFam) January 11, 2024

The most cautious outlook, reaching $0.5, would entail a remarkable 1.424% increase from the current value of VET ($0.03279). This price threshold would also mark a historic milestone for VeChain, reflecting absolute confidence in the asset’s ability to overcome challenges.

Setting a $1 target in a neutral context implies confidence that VeChain can match the dollar. April 2021, when VET reached its all-time high of $0.27983, is recalled as a benchmark. However, since that high point, the token has faced difficulties in regaining even the $0.2 mark.

VETUSDT_2024-01-12_12-36-12In April 2021, VET achieved its historical peak at $0.27983, serving as a benchmark.

VeFam’s boldest predictions place VeChain on the path of $3 or even higher in a bullish outlook. This forecast suggests a colossal 9,049% increase from the current value, raising the token’s market cap to $218 billion, competing with major crypto market assets.

Optimistic expectations should not be considered definitive investment advice

Market reality may diverge from these projections, and investors should carefully assess risks before making decisions. In VeChain’s exciting journey into the future, the community is watching with interest, aware that the crypto landscape can change in the blink of an eye.

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