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Update: VaultFomo and VaultGuru AI bots are Live

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Whales Radar

This topic provides info about buys & sells of 1000+ ETH whales wallets & fast snipers.


This topic has a fast AI bot that provides the quickest calls on the most recent ETH trending projects.


This topic has another AI bot that provide the same calls as VaultFomo bot but it has a different check algorithm implemented (does more checks).

Calls Radar

This topic provides all the calls made by all the major call teams done for the the new projects.

Hype Radar

This topic has another AI bot that checks for HYPE on launched projects and post the notifications (if it detects buy pressure)


On this topic we provide how many X a project made since it was called by VaultBoy AI bots.

Join Vaultboy DYOR/APE/HODL Road to 100x 🤑Learn to DYOR 🚨Public group 🏦

Vaultboy Ai bots help you do a proper DYOR on all new deployed ETH projects.Join our community and learn how to avoid scams,farms,honeypots,evil devs,fake influencers and keep your funds SAFU.

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VaultBoy team

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