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$311 Million in NFT Sales Amidst Fluctuating Blockchain and Collection Performances ( News)

$311 Million in NFT Sales Amidst Fluctuating Blockchain and Collection Performances

In the last week, the non-fungible token (NFT) market experienced unremarkable sales, totaling $311.31 million. This figure represents a slight uptick of just 0.05% from the previous week. Despite this, Bitcoin NFT sales have consistently outperformed other blockchain networks since November 2023. However, it’s noteworthy that NFT sales on the Bitcoin blockchain have decreased by 19.12% compared to the previous week.

Weekly NFT Sales Reach $311 Million With Bitcoin Leading, Ethereum and Polygon See Impressive Growth

Data from over the past seven days shows that NFT sales reached $311.31 million. However, there was a significant decrease in market participation: the number of NFT buyers fell by 69.40%, and the number of sellers declined by 68.09% during the same period.

Sales of NFTs from the Bitcoin blockchain totaled $107.16 million, accounting for 34.42% of the overall sales across 21 distinct blockchain networks. Nonetheless, sales of Bitcoin-based NFTs experienced a decline of over 19% compared to the previous week.

$311 Million in NFT Sales Amidst Fluctuating Blockchain and Collection Performances

NFT sales on the Ethereum blockchain experienced a growth of 18.29%, reaching approximately $84,622,852. Polygon NFTs witnessed a more substantial increase, surging 81.33% to $44.67 million, thus securing the third spot in sales among blockchain networks.

On the other hand, Solana NFT sales saw a downturn, declining 19.47% from the previous week, with total sales amounting to $41.48 million. Avalanche NFTs saw a 46.83% increase and Flow-based NFTs jumped by 25.65%.

The leading NFT collection in terms of total sales over the past seven days was Uncategorized Ordinals, which garnered $22.68 million, although this was a 53.70% decrease from the previous week.

The second-highest in digital collectible sales was the Gas Hero Common Hero NFTs from Polygon, achieving $18.82 million in sales, marking a significant 261% increase. Sales of Gas Hero items and weapon NFTs also saw notable activity this week.

Meanwhile, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs enjoyed a substantial 170% surge in sales compared to the previous week. This past week’s highest-priced NFT sale originated from the BNB chain, with the “Lock Deal” collectible commanding $452K just seven days ago.

Following closely, the “Token Vesting Plans” NFT from Polygon was purchased for $299K. Ranking third in the list of expensive NFTs was “Cryptopunks #8,639” from the Ethereum blockchain, which changed hands for $240K a day earlier. Additionally, other significant NFT sales this week came from networks including Arbitrum, Bitcoin, and Cardano.

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