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Advanced Trading with 369X: VIBRA Token Public Pre-Sale for a Secure and Enhanced Experience (crypto-news-flash)

  • As digital finance continues to evolve rapidly, the intersection of cutting-edge technology and secure trading platforms has become vital.
  • 369X, a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange platform, is at the forefront of this revolution. 

With the public pre-sale of its VIBRA utility token now live, and selling out fast, 369X is offering crypto enthusiasts an opportunity to be part of a comprehensive and integrated financial ecosystem that transcends the limitations of traditional systems.

369X: Bridging Traditional and Digital Finance

At its core, 369X is designed to bridge the gap between traditional and digital financial systems. The platform offers a centralized hub for a variety of financial assets, featuring stringent security measures and a user-centric design.

369X seeks to address the challenges faced by cryptocurrency users and provides a comprehensive solution for digital asset management. The introduction of VIBRA, 369X’s utility token, is a testament to the platform’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity.

VIBRA Utility Token on 369X Platform

VIBRA is more than just a token; it’s an integral part of the 369X ecosystem. It is designed to deliver incentives, premium features and exclusive access, enhancing the user experience. From reduced trading fees and VIP services to lending and borrowing opportunities, VIBRA is set to redefine the way users interact with financial assets. Additionally, VIBRA will be the exclusive currency for all service payments on 369X, adding to its value and utility.

The Ongoing VIBRA Public Pre-Sale

The public pre-sale of the VIBRA token is scheduled to last until February 2024, offering a total of 12% of the VIBRA utility token to early adopters. This pre-sale presents a unique opportunity for traders to get involved at the ground level of a burgeoning financial ecosystem. The pricing and vesting details are meticulously planned, ensuring fairness and transparency for all participants.

Public Pre-Sale Advantage

Gain exclusive access to platform features and unlock the potential for future benefits.

Token Price

Secure your position with an affordable entry-market price, starting at $0.12 per token.

Total Tokens Available for Pre-Sale

Act fast as there are limited tokens available, with a total of 60,000,000 up for grabs during the pre-sale period.

369X’s Technology and Security Measures

As the digital finance realm advances, the need for secure and innovative technology becomes more critical. 369X, with its pioneering approach, has developed a state-of-the-art platform underpinned by advanced technological architecture and stringent security protocols.

Technology Behind 369X

369X‘s platform is built on a sophisticated and robust technology stack that defines the cutting edge in digital finance.

The front end of the platform is crafted using high-performance frameworks like Node.JS, Angular.JS, and Flutter, ensuring a responsive and feature-rich user experience. The backbone of data integrity and security is MongoDB Atlas, a managed cloud database with advanced security features and automatic backup capabilities.

Hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a robust and secure infrastructure. Blockchain integration is a key feature, with user wallets hosted on leading blockchains to ensure maximum security for crypto assets.

Additionally, the platform’s open architecture allows for various financial instruments and integrations, including third-party APIs. Back-office operations are enhanced by integrating with Centroid’s platform, known for advanced liquidity management and monitoring capabilities.

369X’s Security Measures

Security Feature Description
Encryption and Secure Communication Utilises TLS and SSL protocols to encrypt all user-platform communication, protecting sensitive data like login credentials and transaction details.
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Adds an extra security layer by requiring users to provide additional authentication factors aside from their passwords. This includes one-time passwords (OTP) or biometric verification.
Secure Wallet Management Hosts user wallets directly on secure blockchains, giving users complete control over their crypto assets and reducing the risk of centralized wallet compromises.
Regular Security Audits The platform undergoes frequent evaluations by reputable cybersecurity firms to ensure the infrastructure, smart contracts and codebase are secure and free from vulnerabilities.
Real-Time Monitoring and Intrusion Detection Advanced systems continuously monitor platform activities and user transactions, enabling prompt detection and mitigation of suspicious activities.
Employee Training and Awareness Team members receive regular training on the latest security best practices and emerging threats, ensuring awareness and preparedness for potential security incidents.
Disaster Recovery and Backups Implements robust procedures to safeguard user data and assets, with quick restoration capabilities in case of system failures or natural disasters.

Bug Bounty Program and Continuous Improvement

In addition to these measures, 369X will maintain a bug bounty program, encouraging ethical hackers to identify and report vulnerabilities. This, along with regular penetration testing and continuous improvement of security measures, will act as fortifications for the platform’s defenses against evolving cyber threats.

369X’s commitment to leveraging advanced technology and enforcing robust security measures forms the cornerstone of its reliable and secure trading environment. This dedication will not only enhance user trust but also position 369X as a leading player in the digital finance domain.

About 369X

369X is a groundbreaking financial platform that seamlessly merges traditional and digital financial systems, offering a comprehensive solution for diverse asset management needs. Born from the collective expertise of finance and technology professionals, it provides a user-friendly, secure environment for both seasoned crypto traders and newcomers.

By integrating various financial instruments, including cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, 369X stands out as a platform that simplifies and secures asset management, catering to the evolving demands of today’s financial landscape.

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