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Analyst Ali Martinez Anticipates Cardano Resurgence to $0.80 in April (crypto-news-flash)


  • Cardano (ADA) could experience a 1,300% gain, reaching $7, according to technical analysis based on historical patterns.
  • Despite current challenges, analyst Ali Martinez suggests a possible resurgence of ADA toward $0.80 in April.

Cardano (ADA) could be on track for an incredible 1,300% rise to $7, according to recent analysis that identifies patterns similar to those seen prior to the 2020 bull rally. Despite the current challenges, there is the possibility of a resurgence toward $0.80 in April, according to analyst Ali Martinez.

However, reaching $7 could take time, with the likelihood of facing temporary corrections, such as a potential drop to $0.60. This analysis presents an optimistic outlook for ADA, although the realization of the $7 projection could extend beyond this year.

The crypto market has witnessed significant fluctuations in recent weeks, and Cardano has been no exception. The recent 6.73% decline in the last 24 hours has led ADA to trade around $0.49, showing a cumulative drop of 18.07% in the last month.

ADAUSDT_2024-01-19_11-25-55ADA via TradingView

The bearish pressure in the crypto market has generated some concern, but technical analysis suggests that we could be in the early stages of a pattern that has shown strength in the past.

Renowned analyst Ali Martinez has highlighted the similarity between Cardano’s current behavior and its consolidation and accumulation phase in late 2020. During that period, in November 2020, ADA was trading at $0.09699, and by March 2021, it experienced substantial growth of 1,200%, reaching $1.3. This parallel has led to speculation that Cardano is about to enter another bullish phase.

Martinez, in projecting the possible development of this pattern, notes that, if historical trends repeat, ADA could resume its upward trajectory around April. While he does not rule out the possibility of facing hurdles on the way to the $1 mark, he suggests that, in an optimistic outlook, ADA could experience a rally towards $0.80 before addressing a possible correction to $0.60.

Cardano-chartCardano chart | by Ali Martinez

The analyst also shares a chart illustrating ADA’s expected progression towards the $1 range and beyond. This visualization supports his bullish outlook, highlighting the possibility of Cardano reaching higher price levels in the future. However, Martinez emphasizes that reaching the $7 projection, while plausible, could take longer than expected.

In terms of current outlook, Cardano has started an upward trajectory from October 2023 to December 2023, registering an increase of more than 200%, from $0.24 to $0.6665. This prior growth suggests that ADA could be in a strong technical position to face challenges and seek higher price levels.


The context of the crypto market as a whole also influences the assessment of Cardano’s future trajectory. The interconnectedness of factors, such as the approval of Bitcoin ETFs in the U.S., may impact confidence and participation in the cryptocurrency market, directly affecting individual coins such as ADA.

While this analysis suggests a promising future for Cardano, it is essential to recognize the dynamic and sometimes volatile nature of cryptocurrency markets. Investors should make informed decisions and consider multiple factors before taking any action.

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