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Aqua Wallet is pretty sick (Reddit Bitcoin)

Aqua Wallet is pretty sick.

  • easy to onboard
  • easy to use
  • no failed routes
  • predictable fees
  • non-custodial (self-custodial)

You are basically outsourcing all the complexity of running a Lightning node to Boltz.

All Lightning funds you receive are automatically swapped to Liquid. (behind the scenes via Boltz) The Liquid is in YOUR custody.

All Lightning invoices you pay are automatically swapped from Liquid back to Lightning. (behind the scenes via Boltz)

To onboard a new user, simply download the app and send them funds via Lightning. That’s it. They are now holding Liquid IN THEIR CUSTODY until they decide to pay a Lightning invoice. Their Liquid is then instantly swapped to Lightning.

This is by FAR the best new user experience on the market right now for lightning payments in a non-custodial manner.

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