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Are We Really In This Together? (Reddit Bitcoin)

It seems that there are a lot more “ETF approval announcement” bears here now than there were before the announcement.

Where exactly did all the “ETF approval announcement” bulls go?

I’d hate to understand that they’re being deliberately silenced by this current wave of bears, who’ve seemingly come out of nowhere, yet in droves.

Were the bears always here, albeit similarly silenced by the bulls of pre-announcement?

To be clear, it seems that all I see now are posts/comments about how the current price action was always to be expected, citing some technical/fundamental analysis jargon that feels more like it’s meant to suppress discussion, and less like an attempt towards mutual understanding THROUGH said discussion; people are speaking about the details behind these applications as if they’ve always been obvious, yet I can’t seem to find a single post/comment from BEFORE THE ANNOUNCEMENT that attempted to even TOUCH on any of these publicly available details!

For example, anytime someone would even mention the slightest possibility of this being a “buy the rumor, sell the news” event, I can only remember the idea being met with absolute ridicule; not only did we collectively decide that January 9th would be our final day to collect “cheap” sats, but there wasn’t a SINGLE TRACE of ANY of the arguments/explanations on the contrary that have now found themselves to be commonplace throughout the entire sub.

Assuming that the details (OTC purchasing/having until 6pm the next day to purchase BTC etc.) were always known by at least some of us, should we have been more open to those who could’ve potentially educated us?

Or were we ALL unaware, simply because we failed to encourage each other to do the proper research ourselves?

Bitcoin isn’t a Ponzi scheme, and it’s about time we stop treating it like one. Its anti-fragile nature is meant to protect it, and in this regard, Bitcoin will continue to strengthen itself AGAINST us (and our echo-chamber).

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