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“Bitcoin Standard” is overrated. (Reddit Bitcoin)

This is obviously my personal opinion.

I just finished reading it for the second time and I’m honestly shocked it gets as much love as it does. The first time I read it was a couple years back and I thought maybe I just didn’t appreciate it enough.

Decent book that I don’t regret reading? Absolutely. But is it some soul saving piece of literature written by a coin creating long haired Mosiah-oshi himself, like made out to be in here? Absolutely not.

Guy sounds like a prick who thinks he’s way smarter than anyone who dares to try to walk on the water above economics like he does.

I guess I’d still say its a “should” read for anyone wanting to become a serious long term investor into BTC. But I’d say the same about any book that can expand your knowledge on what you’re investing in.

Ok. Unnecessary rant over. I honestly have no idea why I felt so compelled to take the time to type this.

Going back to not knowing f*** about s***.

Shalom and Amen.

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