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Bitcoin – Steady State Thought Question (Reddit Bitcoin)

Flash forward to 2030, 2035 …. Pick your timeframe. Bitcoin has further established itself as a digital hard money. It is past the early adoption phase and is more mature.

Per Lyn Alden, the money supply has grown at 6.6% compounded annual growth rate over the last ~100 years. Scarce items such as waterfront real estate have grown roughly in-line with this money supply growth.

Also per Alden, as a point of comparison, semi-scarce items such as gold should increase at 4-5% due to technology increases.

With these numbers as a baseline, what should the steady state estimated growth rate be (relative to USD as a benchmark)? In line with money supply growth at 6-7%? At a 1-2% premium? Higher premium? Discount? I’m assuming that the immense returns that early adopters have gained will not sustain as adoption increases and Bitcoin eventually becomes a more mature, boring asset. Or is that premise wrong as well?

Curious from an intellectual perspective your thoughts.

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