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Bitget Introduces GetScribe for Improved Blockchain Access (Finance Magnates)

Wallet, a Web3 trading wallet formerly known as BitKeep, has introduced a new
inscription ecosystem called GetScribe. The platform aims to simplify access to
omnichain inscriptions by offering inscription management across 19 different
blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon.

Bitget Wallet Launches
Omnichain Inscription Ecosystem

provides users with single and batch inscription capabilities through Bitget
Wallet’s app and browser extension. It also features an inscription leaderboard
covering the BTC Ordinals market and BRC-20 inscriptions to help users stay
informed. The leaderboard tracks metrics like prices, fluctuations, trading
information, inscription progress and participant counts.

GetScribe plans to introduce a launchpad for emerging BRC-20 tokens to give Bitget
Wallet users early access opportunities.

Chief Operations Officer, Alvin Kan, said the company aims to aid users
navigating inscriptions amid Bitcoin’s growth, with a focus on contributing to
Layer 2 protocols and steering innovation. Kan said Bitget Wallet is
“committed to creating a rich on-chain asset selection platform” with
powerful trading services and market insights.

to inscriptions extends across the Bitget ecosystem. Bitget crypto exchange
offers trading in various listed BRC-20 tokens and recently introduced Spot P2P
enabling early trading of unlisted tokens. This allows users to move from
minting inscriptions on Bitget Wallet to trading them on Bitget Exchange.

It is
another wallet update from Bitget announced this year. As Finance Magnates
reported nearly two weeks ago, the service introduced artificial intelligence
that allow for tracking cryptocurrency whales. Moreover, Bitget Wallet
shared its latest statistics, stating that in 2023 the number of its users
exceeded 12 million.

Bitget Increases Customer
Base to 20 Million

Staying on
the topic of numbers and summaries, a separate report for 2023 was released by
the entire Bitget exchange, which revealed that it had increased its customer
base to over 20 million, employed an additional 500 people, and its spot
trading volumes grew 94%.

originally focused on futures products, we reopened the spot market,” said
Chen. “In 2023, we went all-in in spot trading and our efforts have paid
off significantly.”

At the end
of the year, the industry observed a general increase in trading volumes.
According to the latest report from Finance Magnates Intelligence, in
December 2023, these increased over 60% compared to the same period the
previous year.

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