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Buying the dip. Personal opinion (Reddit Bitcoin)

Currently, I am holding some positions but I am buying the dip. It looks like only grayscale is selling. I saw some statistics about people. People are holding and buying the dip in the market but Grayscale is selling the bitcoin. People who own grayscale are shifting to Blackrock Bitcoin etf or taking a profit. Also, I saw some kind of court order to sell Terraform or FTX grayscale positions. I think it won’t gonna be long to recover. Every time before halving bitcoin reaches its new high of the year then after a few weeks, it drops. It’s 90 days before halving so during that 90 days market will recover and create new higher close to 50’000. After that, it will dump.

Also, I am free to listen to what other people are thinking. I believe we have a great community with experienced people.

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