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Came across a phrase “everything under $69k is a bargain. (Reddit Bitcoin)

People don’t realize, anything below $69k is a bargain. We are just starting, we haven’t even seen the all time high again, keep stacking, keep HODLING. Until the day 1 BTC is worth so much, we have to start buying homes in Satoshi.

One day you’ll say you wish you could’ve gotten in at $45k $50k-$55k- $60k and pretty soon the old time high will be just another spike in the chart and $70k will be the new daily normal buying point.

If you expected riches in days/weeks/months/years, You are in the wrong place. Go look at the price for January 2014- 10 years ago, it was $830 Look at January 2019- 5 years later it was $3,450 Look at it today- January 2024 5 years later $43,888.

Why are we complaining? Because some sharks came in and bought and sold and bought and sold like they do with every stock on the daily.

We buy to keep and see growth. Let them worry about day trading, BTC day trades for us

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