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Crypto Analyst Predicts XRP Price Will Surge 800% To Reach $5 In The Next 90 Days (newsbtc)

Crypto analyst Egrag Crypto recently made a bold prediction as to the future trajectory of the XRP price and asserted when exactly the crypto token will hit this price level. Considering XRP’s current price level, it will no doubt be interesting to see how this prediction plays out. 

“XRP To $5 In 90 Days”

Egrag mentioned in an X (formerly Twitter) post that XRP will rise to $5 in 90 days. The analyst also suggested that this price surge was just the beginning of XRP’s meteoric rise, as he said that the $5 range will mark the “initial wave 1 of a prolonged bull market.” This bull market, he expects, will span for several months, possibly enough time for XRP to hit all of Egrag’s bullish targets. 

The analyst outlined these bullish targets in a subsequent post as he noted that they remain unchanged. Egrag predicts that XRP will hit $1.2, $1.6, $7.5, and $13 on its way to $27. He had previously laid out a narrative as to why XRP will surge by over 4000% to hit $27. According to him, XRP hitting this price level was a real possibility considering that the token had in 2017 risen by 61,000%.

Egrag happens to be one of the analysts who are most bullish on XRP’s future despite its current price action. His most bullish prediction to date remains how XRP could rise to $2,500 by 2029. All this while, he has also urged XRP holders to be more patient as good things lie ahead for those who will stick around. 

Notably, Egrag credits his conviction to the amount of research he has put into studying XRP’s price movement over the years. Another reason why he seems to have become more bullish on XRP is because of the regulatory clarity that it enjoys. He once noted that this places XRP as the “safest investment choice.”

XRP price chart from

A Further Analysis Of XRP Price Chart

In the meantime, Egrag believes that the $0.55 level stands as “significant support for XRP,” and he doesn’t see the weekly candle closing below the $0.50 level. He further noted that the “edge of the atlas line looms at $0.43.” However, he is not anticipating XRP dropping to that price level. Instead, he is choosing to focus on the bigger picture.

Meanwhile, crypto analyst Crypto Rover also recently predicted that a parabolic breakout is on the horizon for XRP.  Just like Egrag, he provided a timeline, saying it would happen in the “upcoming 8 weeks.” However, His prediction looks more conservative than Egrag’s $5 prediction, as the chart Rover shared showed that XRP could rise to just over $1.

At the time of writing, XRP is trading at $0.57, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

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