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Ethereum’s Tipping Point: Analyst Warns Of Steep Drop To $2,000 (newsbtc)

Since Ethereum (ETH) peaked at $2,717 in the last two weeks, the asset has experienced a gradual decline, culminating in its arrival at a key demand zone, which could be instrumental in determining its imminent price trajectory, according to a prominent crypto analyst.

Critical Support Zone Flags Continuous Bearish Move

Renowned crypto analyst Ali has pinpointed a critical demand zone for ETH, ranging between $2,388 and $2,460. The resilience of this support level could pave the way for an upward trajectory, offering Ethereum a much-needed respite from bearish pressures.

However, should Ethereum falter, a bearish slide to the next major support level of around $2,000 may be imminent. Such a decline would represent a significant drop of nearly 20% from its current price around the $2,300 mark, posing a stern test for Ethereum’s market upward stability.

#Ethereum Market Update: $ETH is currently in a key demand zone, ranging between $2,388 and $2,460. If this support holds strong, there’s a clear path ahead with minimal resistance, offering a potential for upward movement.

⚠ However, if #ETH fails to maintain this level, we…

— Ali (@ali_charts) January 21, 2024

Over the past 24 hours, Ethereum has witnessed a noticeable 4.3% decrease in value, breaching Ali’s critical demand zone. Currently, ETH trades at $2,368, signaling a possibility of a further plunge from here.

Ethereum price chart on TradingView

This price dip is mirrored in Ethereum’s trading volume, which has seen a significant decrease from $19 billion last Monday to just over $10 billion today, indicating lesser trading activity and a shift in investor sentiment.

Ethereum’s Market Dynamics: Whales Buying Dip and Rising Dominance

The current market dip has not gone unnoticed by savvy investors. According to Lookonchain, a crypto analytics platform, a prominent Ethereum whale has capitalized on the opportunity, acquiring 3,600 ETH valued at around $8.9 million.

After the price of $ETH dropped today, this smart whale bought 3,600 $ETH($8.9M) back at a lower price 5 hours ago.

This whale is very good at buying $ETH at low prices and selling $ETH at highs.

The profit is ~$25.8M currently!

— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) January 19, 2024

This strategic move is part of a larger pattern observed in the whale’s trading history, marked by buying low and selling high. This tactic has reportedly amassed profits estimated at $25.8 million.

Amid this bearishness, Ethereum has shown resilience in terms of market dominance. A recent report by analytics firm Santiment reveals that Ethereum’s market share, relative to the total crypto market capitalization, has surged by roughly 22.4% in just one week.

This growth is complemented by a significant increase in active Ethereum addresses, with an average of 89,400 new addresses joining the network daily, reaching a peak of 96,300 new addresses in a single day.

These figures suggest a growing interest and engagement in the Ethereum ecosystem despite the current market conditions.

📈#Ethereum‘s price dominance continues to surge against #Bitcoin‘s, now +22.4% in a week. During this stretch, there have been 89.4K new $ETH addresses created per day, and 96.3K wallets just yesterday. Additionally, the 2nd largest market cap asset’s supply on

(Cont) 👇

— Santiment (@santimentfeed) January 16, 2024

Featured image from Unsplash, Chart from TradingView

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