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How ignites online monetization with the Bitcoin Lightning Network (Cryptoslate)

CryptoSlate Senior Editor Liam “Akiba” Wright recently sat down with Jared Nusinoff, CEO of, for an episode of SlateCast to discuss how the company utilizes Bitcoin’s lightning network to empower publishers.

The challenges of content monetization

Nusinoff outlined some of the key challenges publishers face when trying to monetize online content. While subscriptions work for some publishers, many cannot support subscription models. And while advertising remains an option, ad rates continue to decline even as more time is spent online. This has sparked “subscription fatigue” among users.

“There wasn’t really a business model that made sense,” Nusinoff said. “You couldn’t charge for [some online content], even though it was super valuable, highly informative.”

How Mash aims to solve these challenges

This is where Mash comes in. The company, founded over two years ago, aims to help publishers “grow their business, take power back from the platforms and build their communities,” Nusinoff explained.

The Mash toolkit includes features like Reactions: emojis, stickers, and GIFs that users can add directly to articles they read. This drives engagement and community while also providing new revenue streams for publishers.

“They are paid experiences, leveraging Bitcoin and the lightning network that happened directly there,” Nusinoff said.

Wright pointed out how this approach directly brings a “Reddit-like level of engagement” into the content rather than linking to another platform.

The future of publishing

Both Wright and Nusinoff see even more innovation on the horizon regarding content creation and monetization. Wright predicted a future platform to generate custom TV shows on demand within minutes based on a viewer’s personalized interests.

“This is just another avenue to do that, but also maybe another avenue to say, maybe it shouldn’t just be in YouTube,” Nusinoff responded. “Maybe there’s other platforms that can exist to, host that creativity with other types of business models.”

Try out Mash on CryptoSlate and interact with content in new ways.

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