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Is BTC more about personal financial hope, or global hope? I would argue it’s more about global hope. (Reddit Bitcoin)

Lets face it, we live in a world where hope for a better future has never been lower (speaking from a lower middle class US perspective).

Climate change, rising global debt, stagnating wages, aging population, home / education / healthcare prices skyrocketing way more than the CPI would indicate, a declining middle class, endless inflation debasing American’s savings, and the “solution” to inflation is to invest in a stock market where 93% of the value is held by the top 10% wealthiest Americans.

And from what I can tell, basically all of these problems can be attributed to our perpetual growth economy based on FIAT currencies that are continually debased. Along with the need to consume endlessly to support that economy. We are out of balance with the planet we live on.

Looking at the current situation, the outlook is bleak. Where’s the hope for the future? It feels like we’re doomed in so many areas unless something serious changes, ideally before we suffer the ultimate change of global economic collapse.

I hope BTC might offer that global change through an alternative to the fiat/stock market system.

BTC to me offers a hope for a better world. Where instead of our wages decreasing in value and needing corporate goons to approve a raise, it increases in value automatically and needs those goons to negotiate a reduced wage instead.

A world where instead of 93% of the wealth the economy generates going into the hands of the wealthiest 10% of people, ALL people globally will see their wealth rise at the same rate simply by living on a global shared BTC standard.

Where you don’t need to invest in anything to have a secure financial future, all your wealth is available at a moments notice and is appreciating continually with the slow sustainable growth of the economy.

A world where frugality and savings are prioritized from the individual to the highest levels of government, instead of wasteful overspending and consumption that requires endlessly accumulating debt and fuels an economic system that continues to destroy our natural world in order to feed the machine and which only benefits the wealthy asset holders. The poor don’t own assets, they primarily use currency. Inflation is theft in the form of a transfer of wealth from the poor to the wealthy full stop.

This would be a world where the middle class grows instead of shrinks. Where homes are no longer seen as an investment because BTC savings growth will outpace the growth in the value of homes. Making homes into actual homes again instead of investment vehicles for the wealthy as a hedge against inflation.

Am I also hoping that it will help my personal financial position? Of course, but for me owning BTC is more about supporting the transition into a fair and healthier financial system that will literally change how the world works.

It’s decentralized, secure, supply capped, and since each BTC is divisible into 100,000,000 Satoshis, it is more than sufficiently divisible to be a global world reserve currency (using layer 2 solutions for small transactions). With total global wealth estimated to be $454 Trillion USD (in 2022), the 2,100 Trillion Satoshi’s offer more than enough room for growth in value to support the world.

BTC is not about getting rich, it is about changing the world.

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