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It’s starting! New retail is entering (Reddit Bitcoin)

Just anecdotal.

Over the last year, but especially since September, I’ve had friends, co-workers, family, etc… talk about getting into Bitcoin, and of course I try to orange-pill them. This week 2 people finally did it, happy to tell me they got their first portion.

I commended them for buying the recent dip, I and another family member have bought more sizeable amounts this week as well.

This is getting me pretty excited for the future bull-run, and I feel FOMO bubbling up. So glad I DCAed since summer 2022 after the crash.

Also, I did convince both of these 2 new people that it is in their best interest to hodl, at LEAST for 4-8 years, so we’ll see how it goes, but they aren’t thinking they should be selling any time soon or if there is a crash.

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