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Jupiter LFG x WenWenCoin (Airdrop Alert)

The first project for Jupiter LFG¬†Launchpad¬†will be WenWenCoin, managed by OvolsNFT and born from WereMeow‘s genesis WEN Poem,¬†with 70% of $WEN total supply allocated for Airdrop.

Over 1 million addresses that have interacted with Jupiter DEX are set to claim their share. Get ready for WenWenCoin immortalizing Crypto Culture!

About WenWenCoin, Ovols & Jupiter LFG

Jupiter LFG is an innovative Launchpad developed by Jupiter DEX, leveraging Meteora’s DLMM¬†pools for organic token launches, enabling insightful experimentation with market dynamics to achieve effective liquidity management processes across venues.

Ovols is a tokenization standard that integrates NFTs with DeFi, simplifying transactions and aiming to tokenize a broad range of assets, to unlock NFT value on Solana and beyond.

WenWenCoin is the first community memecoin based on a fractional NFT, utilizing technology from Ovols NFT to divide NFTs into tradable Solana tokens.

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