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Just my thought being high (Reddit Bitcoin)

Ok, so hear me out. Was thinking about it recently and thought i would share it with you, lol. You can say im retarded, but i think about it, we have never witnesed such asset witch is carrying a value literraly inside us. I mean, if i memorize my 12 seed words, i am literally having my money inside my brain. It beats everything, cash, bank acc, gold, real estate, ect. You can walk all earth on bare foot, naked, and still carry with you all your wealth. Nobody can take it from you, comfiscate. Even as example extreme situation happen, war starts, , witch is actual topic these days, you couldnt take your real estate with you, cash can be stolen, robbed, gold same. You will be happy you get out your meat safe. And bitcoin solves it. So, thats what i wanted to share, and forgot where i wanted to end

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