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MT Gox fudd (Reddit Bitcoin)

Been in BTC for yrs, Can’t believe how predictable selloffs are, based on any fudd whatsoever which ​leads to ​huge selloffs & sudden drops MT GOx selling supposedly over a billion dollars in BTC(right around halvening) is not only bs,but an insignificant amount on the market, making up less than .003 to .006 of the marketcap,yet as usual everyone immediately freaks out & sells what amounts to 100x worth that amount in marketcap. That said the top indicator just went off which has predicted every rally within weeks ahead of time,followed by local top,so according to this indicator along with the golden cross on the weekly chart,I expect us to bounce within days & run up til the halvening (we might drop further before then though)

Will be posting some charts showing what I mean soon.

The more time goes on the more I am convinced that only when fear is the greatest do we go parabolic & multiply in price 4-6x.

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