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Ordinal Rugs x Saturn BTC (Airdrop Alert)

Attention Ordinal holders ūüö® @OrdinalRugs is rolling out the $RUG¬†Airdrop, rewarding holders of select Ordinal projects with valuable tokens. One rug to Rule them all.¬†Don’t miss out!

In addition, early users of Saturn BTC have the chance to receive various $Rings Airdrops. 

About Ordinal Rugs

Ordinal Rugs is a distinctive¬†collection¬†of 147 hand-drawn pieces on the Bitcoin blockchain, marrying art with technology and commemorating major ‘rugging events‘ in Bitcoin history such as Silk Road, Mt. Gox, Bitfinex, BitConnect, and QuadrigaCX on date-specific Rare Sats.

The $RUG token is a bitcoin-native BRC-20¬†meme token utilizing a novel UTXO-based ‘Rings‘ standard, offering a finite supply and a unique, fair airdrop distribution without fees.

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