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Shiba Inu’s SHIB Token Rockets 300% Higher Amidst Whale Activity Frenzy (crypto-news-flash)


  • Shiba Inu’s token, SHIB, has encountered an unexpected surge in large transactions, witnessing a remarkable 300% increase in the past 24 hours.
  • The surge resulted in an impressive volume of 20.2 trillion SHIB, valued at $178.38 million, with 57 transactions exceeding $100,000 during this period.

In a surprising twist, Shiba Inu’s token, SHIB, has experienced an extraordinary surge in large transactions, skyrocketing by an astounding 300% within the past 24 hours—a level not witnessed since May. Data from IntoTheBlock reveals that significant transactions involving SHIB reached an unprecedented 20.2 trillion during this short period.

This surge propelled the volume of these substantial transactions to an impressive $178.38 million, marking the highest point in the last eight months. Notably, only transactions exceeding $100,000 were considered for this metric, resulting in a recorded count of 57 during this notable timeframe.

The sudden surge in SHIB’s transaction volume has ignited speculation within the crypto community, prompting discussions about the potential reasons behind this abnormal activity and its potential implications for SHIB’s price.

Analysis of the data from Etherscan suggests that the surge is linked to a network of unidentified wallets, indicating that the inflated transaction volumes can be attributed to a series of transactions involving these mysterious entities. The crypto community remains attentive to further developments and explanations surrounding this unexpected surge in SHIB’s large transactions.

Courtesy: IntoTheBlock

In a notable occurrence, a wallet bearing the address “0xE50” executed a substantial withdrawal of 4.27 trillion SHIB, equivalent to an impressive $38.18 million. Conversely, another wallet identified as “0x23B7” experienced the largest inflow of 2.27 trillion SHIB, totaling $20.28 million. The remarkable surge in substantial transactions involving the Shiba Inu token prompts inquiries into the intentions and motivations driving these significant movements.

Shiba Inu Investor Who Made $50 Million Bets on Retik Finance

In 2021, Shiba Inu, a meme-inspired cryptocurrency, gained immense popularity, leading to significant gains for early investors. One anonymous investor turned an $8,000 investment into a remarkable $50,000,000 as Shiba Inu’s value skyrocketed. This success story highlights the speculative nature of the crypto market and the potential for substantial profits.

However, the pseudonymous investor has disclosed his next big crypto bet.Undeterred, the crypto millionaire now eyes his next venture: Retik Finance (RETIK). Retik Finance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) initiative, has gained major attention within the cryptocurrency community.

It distinguishes itself from typical tokens, embodying an ambitious vision to transform the global financial landscape. The millionaire views Retik Finance as a strategic opportunity, aiming not only to replicate but potentially surpass previous successes.

Shiba Inu is actively working on Shibdentity, a project designed to revolutionize digital identity within the Web3 realm. Developed in partnership with D3Inc, the initiative seeks to transform the management of digital identities by directly associating them with distinctive SHIB names. This approach aims to streamline transactions, including tokenization, making the process as straightforward as sending an email. Additionally, Shiba Inu will also be releasing a key update to its auto-burn feature.

Amid the broader market correction, the Shiba Inu (SHIB) price has also come under strong selling pressure. Over the last seven days, the Shiba Inu price is down by 4.42%. However, at press time, SHIB is trading 0.4% up at $0.000008876 with a market cap of $5.23 billion.

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