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The Bitcoin Climax: Analyst Flags Market Peak Amid Spot ETF Hype Cooling Off (newsbtc)

A notable shift in market sentiment has recently been observed, particularly around the Bitcoin spot Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF) narrative. YouTube analyst Crypto Banter, in a recent analysis, suggests that the initial excitement surrounding Bitcoin spot ETFs is waning, leading to a change in investor behavior.

According to Crypto Banter, despite significant trading volumes in spot Bitcoin ETFs, which totaled $4.6 billion with Grayscale (GBTC) leading the pack, there’s more than meets the eye.

Analyst Predicts Pullback Amid Local Top Signs

A deeper look into the analyst’s video reveals that GBTC’s sales are primarily attributed to its higher fees and the locking up of “older Bitcoin,” indicating minimal new inflows. According to the analyst, this lack of new capital could trigger market apprehension, leading to a sell-off.

The analyst’s technical and fundamental analysis points to signs of a local top forming, with particular reference to the CME Bitcoin Futures launch. However, the analyst clarifies that this does not signal a cycle top or the wrap of the bull run but suggests a possible pullback in the meantime, as indicated by BTC’s daily candle close.

The analyst noted in the video:

The trend is still very much towards the upside but as soon as price starts to break down below [the] key levels we’re probably going lower $38,000 and then $30,000 next.

Looking at the bigger picture, the upcoming Bitcoin halving, set to occur later in April, is expected to propel demand and, consequently, the price of Bitcoin, according to the analyst.

The analyst further acknowledges that while the market has witnessed a significant upward trend, these have been interspersed with substantial corrections, some as severe as 40%. While a correction of this magnitude isn’t forecasted, the analyst suggests a pullback in the 20-30% range is plausible.

Behind Bitcoin Bearish Turn

Bitcoin has shown bearish price action, decreasing by 5% in the last 24 hours, with a trading price of $43,791. This downturn follows a recent spike above $48,000, spurred by the live trading of spot Bitcoin ETF trading in the United States on Thursday.

BTC price chart on TradingView

Dan Ripoll, managing director at Swan Bitcoin, sheds light on the current price dynamics, attributing them to the time brokerage firms’ compliance departments took to approve new products. Ripoll adds that large broker-dealers like Vanguard, UBS, Citi, and Merrill Lynch have restricted or completely disallowed their retail clients from purchasing spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Vanguard’s decision to prevent its customers from investing in the new BTC Spot ETFs, citing a misalignment with their “investment philosophy,” is pivotal in adopting Bitcoin ETFs.

This stance by the world’s second-largest asset manager, behind BlackRock, adds complexity to the spot Bitcoin ETF landscape. Ripoll expresses surprise at such ideological resistance, predicting a loss of customers for these firms due to this approach.

Matt Dines, Chief Investment Officer at Build Asset Management LLC, points out another fact: the capital from the day’s spot ETF volume has yet to impact the fund portfolio managers’ activities.

Dines mentioned that most creation orders from the day’s flows will only be settled the next morning, meaning the capital driving the current market hasn’t begun influencing the offers in the UTXO market yet. Notably, this delay could imply that the full effect of the spot ETF trading is yet to manifest in the market.

The dollars behind today’s spot ETF volume haven’t even hit the fund portfolio managers’ desks yet.

Most create orders behind today’s flows will get cash settled tomorrow morning T+1 … i.e. the capital behind today’s wave hasn’t even started lifting offers in the UTXO market.

— Matt Dines (@BuildCIO) January 11, 2024

Featured image from Unsplash, Chart from TradingView

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