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The ETFs are going to change the unit bias of bitcoin from one full btc to sats. (Reddit Bitcoin)

One share of a spot bitcoin ETF currently represents 0.0005 BTC or 50,000 sats.

For the last 15 years the public have only ever seen bitcoin quoted and priced in denominations of one full bitcoin. However because mainstream financial media monitor and report on ETFs the public is about to start seeing bitcoin ETF news headlines and stories where the price of bitcoin is denominated in the performance of ETF shares.

Instead of seeing the price of bitcoin as $46,000 they will see the price to invest in one share of bitcoin as $23.

This will be the trigger that finally allows the public to realise that you do not have to buy one full bitcoin to invest in btc.

The mainstream financial media reporting on bitcoin performance denominated in shares of the spot ETF will change the unit bias to sats. The public will become accustomed to understanding one share of bitcoin is 50,000 sats and 50,000 sats is $23.

ETFs are going to change the unit bias from one full bitcoin to sats allowing the public to finally understand they can buy a fraction of a bitcoin. Even though the dollar price means nothing and all that matters is how much bitcoin you have the public will start to see bitcoin as cheap at $23 instead of expensive at $46,000.

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