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The next three months will be wildly volatile, be prepared for anything and make sure you HODL. (Reddit Bitcoin)

Every single individual, trust, fiduciary and institution that wanted to own bitcoin but could not own bitcoin until these spot ETFs launched all want two things.

1) They want to buy and stack as much bitcoin as possible before the halving takes place in early April.

2) They want the price to be as low as possible when they buy.

The next three months are going to be a volatile ride as these entities play dirty trying to get the price as low as possible while also all trying to stack as much bitcoin as possible. Like a tug of war its going to get messy.

We could see wildly unexpected swings in price both down and up, but once the halving has taken place in three months from now we can expect that supply shock to solidify a run to new all time highs into the end of 2024.

These entities want you to sell them your bitcoin on the cheap before the halving and they have dirty tactics to achieve that. Do yourself a favor and make sure that whatever happens over the next three months you refuse to sell your bitcoin to blackrock.

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