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VeChain and Inpersona Unite to Revolutionize Digital Health with Vyvo Smart Chain (crypto-news-flash)

  • VeChain and Vyvo Smart Chain (VSC) announce a groundbreaking partnership for cross-blockchain integration in the health and wellness market.
  • The collaboration focuses on health data monetization and privacy, leveraging Vyvo Smart Chain’s blockchain infrastructure and InPersona’s web3 platform.

In a significant development within the blockchain industry, VeChain and Vyvo Smart Chain (VSC) have announced a strategic partnership. This collaboration is set to enable seamless cross-blockchain integration, uniting two prominent forces in their respective fields. The partnership is poised to significantly influence the rapidly growing health and wellness sector, which is estimated to be a billion-dollar market.

As reported by Crypto News Flash (CNF), this partnership between VeChain and Vyvo Smart Chain (VSC) marks a pioneering step in cross-blockchain integration. The collaboration is primarily aimed at creating a community that benefits from the monetization of health data while ensuring data privacy. Although the partnership was established last year, substantial efforts and developments have only recently commenced.

Here are the Essential Developments to Note:

Vyvo Smart Chain (VSC Network)

Vyvo Smart Chain (VSC Network) represents a comprehensive blockchain infrastructure that effectively bridges the gap between IoT device users and various institutions. It empowers users to regain control over their data. The VSC Network is designed to tackle crucial issues surrounding data ownership, privacy, and the potential for monetization.


InPersona is revolutionizing the way users interact with wearable data. Developed on the Vyvo Smart Chain, it is at the forefront of creating the first Decentralized Digital Health platform. As a web3 metaverse platform that incentivizes healthy living, InPersona’s collaboration with Vyvo Smart Chain is instrumental in establishing the world’s first Decentralized Digital Health platform.

This significant development was highlighted in a recent tweet by VeChain insider Eisenreich:

Vyvo x Inpersona Wear2Earn 🤾‍♂️

Inpersona, a #web3 metaverse platform that incentivizes healthy lifestyles, is joining with Vyvo Smart Chain to build the world’s first Decentralized Digital #Health platform. 💓$VSC #RunsOnVechain #X2Earn #vechain $VET

— eisenreich (@eisenreich) January 23, 2024

Furtermore, it’s important to note the current market performance of VeChain. As per the latest data, VeChain is trading at $0.02528, which indicates a 6.89% decrease over the last 24 hours and a 17.30% decline over the previous week.

This information, while reflecting short-term market fluctuations, also underscores the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market where VeChain is a significant player.

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