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Vitruveo Announces Launch Of World’s First Auto-rebasing Protocol (Zycrypto)

Vitruveo Announces Launch Of World’s First Auto-rebasing Protocol

Vitruveo is a blockchain platform designed specifically for creators, building a decentralized ecosystem on an EVM-based protocol. It is not just another blockchain. With an emphasis on empowering creators across a range of industries, Vitruveo seeks to harness technology, establish a thriving community, and cultivate trust in order to unlock sustainable income for visual artists, musicians, gamers, filmmakers, and more.

Vitruveo is unique because of its innovative rebasing method. Vitruveo’s core protocol offers built-in rebasing, in contrast to other protocols that use smart contracts to accomplish the same. By reducing the chance of inflation, this creative strategy offers a viable framework for long-term expansion.

Vitruveo’s rebasing is better described as “compound interest.” Vitruveo has cleverly connected rebases to epoch-based transaction volume, avoiding the dangers of inflationary cryptocurrencies.

The block time on Vitruveo is 5 seconds, with each epoch comprising 17,280 blocks, equivalent to 24 hours. The protocol sets a transaction goal for each epoch, and if achieved with a +/-25% variability, all $VTRU (the native coin) holders experience an automatic increase of 1.00087671.

To ensure sustained performance, Vitruveo incrementally increases the transaction goal by 500 every epoch. The rebasing mechanism continues until the circulating supply reaches 250 million $VTRU, providing users with a unique opportunity for “Early Adopter Rewards” – a form of passive income for $VTRU holders during the initial 5-7 years.

The auto-rebasing feature is seamlessly integrated into the protocol, offering a highly performant and user-friendly experience. Crypto Wallets such as MetaMask will reflect the increased balance in real-time during a rebase event.

$VTRU, the native cryptocurrency of the Vitruveo blockchain, plays a central role in the platform’s functionality. It is used to pay for every transaction, serving as gas with a nominal fee. Additionally, all sales transactions on Vitruveo are conducted using $VTRU, ensuring a streamlined process where artists are paid in $VTRU directly from the platform’s treasury.

Vitruveo’s unique utility-driven approach, coupled with the auto-rebasing protocol, positions it as a frontrunner in the DeFi space. As the first blockchain to implement such a revolutionary mechanism, Vitruveo is set to redefine the dynamics of decentralized finance and create a sustainable ecosystem for creators across various domains.

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About Vitruveo

Vitruveo is a vertically-integrated ecosystem for Creators, founded on the principles of trust, technology, and community. It employs an EVM-based protocol to establish a decentralized ecosystem. With blockchain technology at the foundation, Vitruveo offers dApps, learning materials, workshops, events, marketing help and more in its stack, giving it a unique competitive advantage when onboarding creators and professional art organizations to Web3. Vitruveo’s core protocol has rebasing built-in, making it the world’s first auto-rebasing protocol, ensuring long-term sustainability and passive income opportunities for creators and investors. 

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Company Name: VTRU (BVI) PTE LTD


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