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What is bitcoin ? (Reddit Bitcoin)

I think Bitcoin is actually symbolizing an abstraction of scarcity, in a (near) future post-scarcity world.

It seems odd to say that, because we still have scarcity in the world and that’s true. Lands, food, water, gold, energy: those things are still scarce. But we can’t deny that the trend is going to more abondance on those things for more people in the world. If we try to visualize a future where humans are a multi-planetary species, where humans are able to harvest sun energy and then have access to free energy, where land is abundant on many planets, and where rare metals are mined on asteroids, what would be scarce then?

Maybe Bitcoin is the solution to the problem of scarcity in a post-scarcity world. By being a mathematical, immuable finite supply entity, Bitcoin is the only thing in the universe that we are certain of its scarcity forever, unlike lands, metals or energy.

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