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Why the bitcoin price does not rise immediately with the ETFs (Reddit Bitcoin)

Many do not understand why Bitcoin does not immediately rise by 10%, 20% or more with the many new ETFs. At first glance this would seem logical, but as always it is much more complex.

The financial institutions must have the amount in Bitcoin, but they can buy Bitcoin sooner or later. An investment in the ETF does not mean a direct purchase of Bitcoin. This is a risk for the ETF, but also an advantage if you trade well.

It is very likely that the ETFs have already bought Bitcoin beforehand. This would explain the rise in recent weeks. But, as always, it is no guarantee.

Also an investment of 10% of the volume does not directly mean an increase of 10% in the BTC price. This depends on the order book and the timing of purchases.

In any case, it will have a strong impact on the price increase in the long term.

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